Most’s students complete their preparation in bits, stages, and sections. Where they believe they are well prepared to take on the test, most of the times students tend to black-out or forget due to the sheer pressure and nature of the question paper. The only way to tackle this is a consistent revision and that can be done by answering mock exams. Answering mock tests is one of the most key factors that a student must consider while preparing for the JEE examination. Mock tests are tests conducted to give the student the feel of the main examination. They give the student an opportunity to analyze their performance and identify the areas that require their special attention and improvement. This is one of the reasons why mock tests are such an important test prep tool—they give you a chance to rehearse and to take a trial run. One can never over amplify the necessity of mock tests, but a few factors are as provided below:

1. Mock exams take the pressure off from the student before the examination

2. They are a good form of practice for the student before the examination

3. They help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. This way they remember what they have learned and perform well on the final day

4. They help the student with their time management as the battle is half won if a student can manage their time during their examination

5. They also greatly facilitate the writing skills of the student which helps them in framing answers and channelizing the mind into a particular thought process while answering their main examination

6.Gives the student enough chances to make mistakes and learn from the same hence not repeated at the main examination

7. These tests are usually based on a timetable that helps you analyze and prepare in micro-detail on all important topics

While you prepare and attempt many mock tests, it is important to be aware of out-of-date question types, scoring systems, and sections. Make the most of the mock exams and you’ll be confident for your finals. Good luck!