History has seen a lot of pioneers who have contributed way too much to the field of science and technology. From Einstein to Newton, to Stephen Hawking, everything that we have built today in the field of science goes to their groundbreaking discoveries and inventions. If you are looking forward to doing exceptional work in the field of science, their story will inspire you to work much harder. Their stories deserve to be read. Here are famous scientists and books by them that you must read for inspiration

1.Never at rest- Biography of Isaac Newton

A lot of biographies have been written on Newton, but this is the oldest one published in the year 1983 and contains all about the life of Newton and his work in minute details. From his personal life to his struggles, to his passion for science, and his work that changed the world forever. You will get to learn a lot from this inspirational story.

2.My brief history- Stephen Hawking

This one is a memoir of Stephen Hawking, the outstanding mind behind the groundbreaking work of big bang theory and a black hole. The book covers his journey and his struggles from post-war London, where he was born until he was recognized for his work in theoretical physics and cosmology. The book was published in 2013 and has been inspiring millions ever since.

3.Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X, and the quest for a fantastic future

The man who is determined to change the future of science and space is a must-read story if you are looking for inspiration. The Africa-born American entrepreneur, the founder of Tesla, Space X, who is currently working to take mankind into outer space, and who became a millionaire by the time he was 30, is truly a story that one needs to read to recall that you can do anything if you are passionate to work for it.

4.The Enigma- Alan Turing

This story is more than just a scientific discovery, it is about a man who ended world war-II by intercepting the Nazi code that was almost impossible to crack. He built a machine called ‘Enigma’ to decipher the code which took him years to build. He was one of the best mathematicians of his time and his work has lead to great discoveries in the field of science. His story is heart touching not only for his work but also for his personal struggles.

5.The man who changed everything- James Clerk Maxwell

This is the first biography written on James Clerk Maxwell. He is counted among the best scientists and physicians ever known to mankind. This story is not just about his life and how he worked in the field of science. Interestingly, the book also contains his theories and what he proposed. So, not only will you get inspired but also you will learn a lot in science after this reading.