No matter how much they say that engineering doesn’t get you a well-paying job, but if you a hard-working person, there are tons of career options that are available to you where you can live your life in comfort and make peace with your career choice as well. Here are the best job sectors that you can get in after engineering.

1.Web Developer

With the boom in the internet industry, web work has become one of the most sought-after career options. Web development not only pays you well but you can choose to freelance and can make a lot of money while making apps and websites.

2.Data scientists

Data analysis has become really important which gives you a chance to get into this field and analyze data and outcomes for your clients. You can work on a client basis and can get paid for every project.

3.Public Sector jobs

The public sector is undoubtedly one of the best career options as it only pays you well but also gives you a sense of security and other services that are largely lacking in the private sector.


A lot of people continue to study and get into the research field after engineering. With India investing a lot in research, you will get ample resources for your work. Plus, you also get a chance to study and research abroad.


The startup is a new trend, and the thing about them is each and every start-up needs a tech person. You can set up your own start-up or can work in one. Working in startups is a great learning experience. Ventures like Startup India also allows you to lend capital and give a boost to your business.

6.Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a work meant more for engineers rather than the marketing experts. It requires a lot of software, web and tech knowledge. So if you learn all of this in your engineering college, digital marketing is the next big thing.

7.IT Consultant

IT jobs are here for long and for good. If you love your field, then there is no better choice for you then to get into the IT sector. There is an IT department in every big multinational company which gives you a chance to work for big brand names as well.