We’re all aware that both these exams are crucial and back-to-back. Preparing for both is not that easy but do not panic, there is help. Here are tried and tested study tips that will help you power through your study goals and become more productive in 2019!

Be mindful of what you’re going to be facing :

While the fundamentals concepts of all the subjects remain the same in both 12th std boards and JEE Mains, the difficulty level of the JEE is much intense. The gap between Boards and IIT JEE is very little and can get you stressed, all you need to do is give it your best and balance the preparation well in advance.

The key to balance is Theories and Concepts:

You should know by now that the Board exams are about all about learning theories while JEE is about practicing the exam pattern and being conceptually sharp. You need to focus on the details to get your concepts right. The learning technique for each subject also varies. Some need to be learned by heart, and revising them thoroughly can help you to grab marks easily.

Plan smart to avoid stress in the last minute:

Work your study time-table well, organize your day, and give importance to each subject accordingly. Stick this plan/time-table, so you can see it all the time and follow it consciously. At the same time, do not overload yourself with things that will drain you out, physically or mentally. You are your best judge, take breaks and use your time productively.

Revise thoroughly with written notes:

It is practically impossible to remember everything just by studying once. Give time for Revision and this will help you get a strong grip on your subjects. For this, written notes work a lot for many students because Revision Notes will never let you forget what you study.

Take test series

Mock tests or test series are equally important for both Board exams and JEE as well. These test series will help you to understand the pattern of questions in the exams. Taking tests will help you to improve your speed and accuracy and also make you confident. Previous year's papers are also very useful to develop your problem-solving skills.Don’t stress, you can make this work!