Studying medicine and treating ill people is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious jobs. It not only gives you a chance to serve society but there are ample fields that open up for you and lets you excel in professional life as well. If you want to do good in your career after studying medicine then here are few work fields that you can choose to get into.

1.Medical research and development

Medical research and development mainly deal with researching the vaccines and cures of the various health and human body issues. It is one of the noble fields that you can get into and get a lot of recognition and money. The job required a lot of hard work and patience but pays off at the end.

2.Medical practice

Practicing as a doctor in a reputed hospital or opening your own clinic is one of the obvious career options, nonetheless, it is amongst the noblest jobs. You can join the private as well as government hospitals as both are equally good field of work.

3.Public Health worker

If you want to serve the society and get involved in some social work then this is the job for you. Public Health worker is a social work which involves spreading health awareness, preventing diseases, giving safety and precautionary measures for the diseases and improving the health conditions of the society. It involves a lot of fieldwork and passion in this field.

4.Medical-legal advisor

If you are interested in the legal system then a medical-legal advisor could be the dream job for you. Medial legal advisors are required to give their expert opinion in cases related to medical science. It may include going to trials, writing expert opinions, giving witnesses, and give a medical opinion to the court whenever required.

5.Forensic Medical examiner

This job requires you to perform several autopsies of the dead bodies and giving forensic reports. It is generally to ascertain the cause of death. The job might also require the medical examination of the living to ascertain health issues. This might also be required in legal cases where the death of the person is in question.