One has to be particularly invested to prepare in one month of the JEE examinations. It is important to note, that any student is already well prepared as the JEE examination as the same is close to the board examination. This can be done if you create your revision strategy in a smart manner. Your JEE Main revision plan must include the following:

1. Revision of important chapters for JEE Main

2.Revision of your weak chapters

3.Revision of the whole syllabus

Let’s discuss this in detail:

One must carefully prepare a daily time-table and a generic brush up of important topics must be done. A general analysis of the syllabus must be taken up to identify crucial topics and the same must be mastered within set timelines.
One must truly understand that there is a time constraint and focus on the topics that carry marks and that coincide with the strength the student possesses in that topic.
What is of paramount importance is that previous question papers need to be solved. The more the previous papers are solved, the more the student is made aware of the nature of questions in the examination. It will also give the student an opportunity to work on his speed and writing skills.
Mock papers are also made available which the student must time himself and aim to complete. On completion of the papers, the student can assess their answers, time-related requirements and specific areas that require improvement.
One must also seek to meet teachers and coaches and clarify doubts and shortcomings if any. The key factor in preparing for the JEE examination one month before is to have a disciplined lifestyle.
Days have to be allotted to brushing up on the syllabus, solving previous examination papers within time, solving mock papers and ensuring mental and physical health.