Stressing over the exam preparation that is going to decide your whole future? Well, you are not the only one. Among other things that you need to get through these competitive exams apart from hard work and strong determination is the right guidance. And, it can be said without a doubt that coaching institutes provide the right direction and guidance to help you get through your desired goals. It is really important that you make the right decision while choosing your coaching institution. Here are 5 top-rated NEET preparation institutes in India to consider for your examinations.

1.Aakash institute

Founded in 1998, Aakash institute is one of the renowned institutes in India for the preparation of NEET and other medical examinations. It has a high success rate and a lot of students joining Aakash institute make it to the top. It is operating in all the major cities of India.


Founded in 1998, it has been in the academic field to help the students reach their goals by providing the right guidance. Their education methods are known among the students for the best results. Their education is Medical and Engineering exams oriented. It is located in various metro cities of India.


Among the oldest institutions for medical exam preparation, Allen was founded in 1988 in Kota and has reached different cities of the country providing accessible education for all. It is best known to produce toppers in the competitive examinations.

4.Narayana Coaching Centre

Started in the year 1979, their experience in the fields makes it amongst the top institutions for competitive exams in the country. They are focused on NEET, PMT and IIT JEE preparation and has been helping students for years to achieve their goals.


Started in Kota, Resonance is one of the best names, especially for the medical exam preparation. It has now spread in all the major cities of the country imparting education to the thousands of students willing to get through this noble profession.