At Takshila, we believe each student is unique and important assets and hence we aim at trying to provide them with the best educational environment so as to ensure success in all their endeavours.Our aim is to provide a holistic learning experience to the students so as to enhance their leadership qualities as well as sharpen their minds with comprehensive learning mechanisms through extensive and exhaustive study material for the entrance examinations so as to make students eligible for admission in IIT.The approach at Takshila is not to cram students with constant learning but more to help them become better leaders with revolutionary teaching methods and knowledge sharing. Constant value is added to students learning graph with advanced teaching techniques and quick doubt clarifications.Our courses are comprehensive yet simple-to match the potent of the students and are ever-evolving to match the changing patterns of the competitive examinations. Strong focus is given to providing students with conceptual clarity on the various topics of the syllabus. Science in itself is all about concepts and we at Takshila understand and acknowledge that and try to build a strong foundation of learning by ensuring the student has maximum conceptual clarity on the various topics.We ensure a perfect classroom environment, personal attention, highly qualified leaders, mentorship and abundant resources to guide our students properly for IIT JEE Preparation. We strongly believe in practical learning and hence encourage students to ask questions and not just focus on the theory aspect of the syllabus.Takshila constantly aims are inspiring and motivating students to enhance their intellectual abilities and perform their maximum best and hence we provide a rich and rewarding intellectual climate for the student to rise and shine in all his/her future endeavours.In addition, we provide ample amounts of study material, mock tests, all-round moulding, constant guidance and monitoring, abundant facilities and above all the best faculty to justify all these. We encourage students to ask questions, clarify doubts and provide one on one tutorial to suit the students learning pace. Our learning is based on the practical approach and hence all our classes are demonstrative in nature coupled with advanced digital technology.The fundamental element to ensure maximum learning and growth is a positive and knowledge imbibing environment. We at Takshila strive to provide a very positive, encouraging and supportive environment to our students so that they can learn, understand and comprehend better. We are constantly updating our teaching methodologies so as to suit the ever-changing times and match the level required by the competitive examinations.